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Hello, in the mission Courting the kings of the DLC the wrath of the druids I can not take the key to free the prisoners, unfortunately I was trapped by a BUG in a wall, I attach the video as a backup. Therefore, not being able to take the key, I cannot advance in the mission and I cannot continue playing and finish the DLC. Also, I don't have any saves before that mission to replay. Please I NEED your help. I remain attentive and thank you very much.


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Hello @guest-ttoq8xqv, thank you for uploading that YouTube video, I can see exactly what the issue is.

This has been reported to us by other players, the issue is currently under investigation and we believe we may be able to resolve this in a future update to the game, I am unable to confirm the date of this update, however.

Thank you for bringing this bugged key to our attention and thank you for your patience whilst we try to resolve this for all players affected.

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