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So as the tittle says, I can’t get the completionist achievement. I’ve cleaned whole map, got 100% for all territories in England, Norway, Vinland, Jotunheim and Asgard.
I’ve no idea why this achievement doesn’t work for me. Put 160h in my save and it’s really frustrating.

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@guest-iophjgmv My apologies for the frustration this issue has been with your progression in Valhalla. This issue was fixed on April 27; however, since you are currently encountering this issue, I would like to gather further information for our team, so they able to revisit this. Firstly, could you confirm if you've played the game via cross-platform? If so, could you confirm which platform?

Could you also share any screenshots showing all territories are completed? Also, please ensure that your latest saves are uploaded to the Cloud (you will see a cloud icon next to your save slot)? This will allow our team to use your save files for their research.

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