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I am on the mission clues and riddles. When I wake up drunk in the investigation area it doesn’t let me interact with anything in the house except to move the box blocking the next room. I can’t investigate any of the clues to proceed. Need help can’t reload any previous saves as I don’t have any. Also in a investigation area and can’t fast travel.

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Hi @dhowe88

Thanks for posting here, sorry to hear that you've been unable to progress the mission 'clues and riddles'. Would you be able to capture a clip of Eivor being unable to interact within the house, so that we can pass this along to the team to investigate?

You can upload this clip to a video/file sharing site like YouTube or Google Drive, and post the link in your reply to share the video with us.

Hi there @RealRxKing81 Sorry to hear that you're being kicked from that game with long loading times, and you're experiencing graphical errors.

We currently have a mega thread open on this topic, and issues related to crashing/flickering on Xbox are being investigated by the team. As the original post is in relation to the mission 'clues and riddles', we kindly ask that you follow up on your crashing issue via the following thread.

Our team is happy to continue to support you with these crashes, and investigate further into the issue. However, should you choose to, you have the right to seek legal advice and are free to do so.

Many thanks.