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Re: [Tyra still stuck in "Finding Fritjof" mission](/topic/161004/tyra-still-stuck-in-finding-fritjof-mission)
Hey all, yet another Xbox Tyra bug lol. Apparently in my game, Tyra is standing in a lava pit in the foundry and won’t get out of it to advance with the mission. I’ve tried reloading saves, knocking her out of it (kicks, swings, sprinting, explosives, you name it), leaving the dlc and coming back, etc. I have one save prior to this quest, (I’ve checked my cloud saves too) and it’s probably 60-70 hours of gameplay ago. I’m not even sure how she got stuck there, but it would be cool to get her out and finish this mission lmao

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Heya @Bender2017!

It looks like the issue with Tyra getting stuck in the foundry should actually be resolved with a future patch, so hopefully we'll be able to deploy that particular fix sooner rather than later! 🙂

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@Bender2017 Any time!