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Ubi Team,

I have been playing AC Valhalla for more than a week and I experienced no issues while playing in the initial Gameplay in Norway territory. When the game progresses and when player set sail to England territory, I am experiencing game crashes and cannot continue further in game.

I have submitted a ticket - 17506055 on 19th of Dec 2022 and I have neither received updates nor contacted by Ubi Support.

I have tried all troubleshooting steps mentioned in various forums, but issue persists.

Please help to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

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Hey there @EivorRules, sorry for the late reply! I moved your topic to the player support category so that our support team can assist you further. I also took a look at your support case and I saw that someone has since replied to your support case. If you haven't yet, please take the time to end the programs that they suggested to you. After that, I noticed several things in your system files that could also be contributing to this crash that you're encountering. Please proceed with these:

  1. Multiple VRAM issues and .dll errors
    1. End non-essential background processes that are running via Task Manager
    2. Reinstall C++ Redistributables
  2. Unplug unnecessary peripherals (controllers, additional monitors, VR equipment, etc.)
  3. Confirm that Ubisoft Connect and Valhalla are installed on the same drive as your OS
  4. Tackle everything in this FAQ article again for good measure

If this crash still occurs after everything has been completed, please attach updated system files to your support case. I'd like to see if anything else stands out and what has changed since the troubleshooting steps are done. Thank you!🐙