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Can't unlink my ubisoft account from old email as it does not exist anymore due to issues with hacking problems.... Made a new email I've been using for a long time and won't let me link my new account to ubisoft and lost real life money on helix coins I haven't received have made a ticket still no response or help. Not happy.... Can somebody please help me so I can get full experience of assains creed valhalla

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Hey @craqk

Please avoid bumping old threads. You can start a new one if you are having an issue without needing to bump old ones. If you still need assistance, we'll need to speak to you through a support ticket to look into this, so please reach out on one of the options below:

Live Chat (when available)

Twitter Direct Message

Facebook Private Message

Please make sure to provide your Ubisoft account username and email if messaging on Twitter or Facebook.

If you don't have access to the email address on the account, please also send screenshots of you logged in to the account you want unlinking.