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Anyone else having this problem?
Started the game this morning and let it update itself but am now unable to play the game as it keeps crashing to desktop.
Run as Admin
I have tried: Verify files, was okay.
Checked latest NVIDia drivers, ok
Installed latest Ubisoft connect
Run benchmark test, CTDed a couple of times but passed in the end.
It has been running perfectly until now.
Specs are: i7 12700K
Geforce RTX 3060
OS win 11. updated
VRam used 5766MB/12288MB

Any help please?
Leo de Haan

17 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

Howdy there @dutchkippie6969 , thanks very much for reaching out, and so sorry for the delay in responding. We don't always quite manage to catch all the posts in the General Discussions forum section, but I've moved your post to Player Support now, and I'll be happy to assist. I understand you've faced a crash to desktop with Valhalla - that sounds most frustrating!

It's great that you've listed which steps you've already done - that really helps us suggest more relevant next steps. Please see our troubleshooting guide. In particular from that guide, please make sure you've updated your operating system, and you don't have any unnecessary background programs interfering with the game (such as graphics or system optimisers).

If the issue persists, we'll be able to further investigate and diagnose the issue with some system files. Please see the system files support article, which describes a couple of files we'll need. Once you've got them prepared, please let me know, and I'll create a support ticket you can use to securely send them across to me. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to our teams with the files at the links below.

Open a support ticket with Ubisoft Help
Send a Twitter DM to Ubisoft Support
Send a Facebook PM to Ubisoft Support

Please let me know if I can clarify these steps at all 😎