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Hi, I have the PS4 version of Assassins creed Valhalla (digital) and finished the campaign and started finishing the side quests. However i got the free upgrade to PS5 and was finishing off the quests. However the trophies have not been transferred and I have logged in over 100 hours of gameplay. Could you advise on what to do, to try and get the achieved trophies from PS4 version over to the PS5 version?

Any advise would be much appreciated! 

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Hiya @jamjamo999! Welcome to the forums! Our team is currently aware of this issue and has actively been investigating the cause of this problem when moving between console families. A workaround that has been provided in the meantime is to try completing a Reda contract to unlock Trophies that are still missing. Another is using the romance option for Petra/Randvi/Tarben after completing their quests. Let us know if any of these workarounds help out in the meantime.

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Hey @matthewr7935! We are actually investigating similar reports of this one not appearing for players. To provide further information for the team's research, could you ensure that your latest save is uploaded to the Cloud (You should see a Cloud icon on your save slot to confirm this)? This will allow the team to use your save to use in their investigation.

@StreetwiseLive Hey there! I moved your post over here since you were encountering the same issues as @JAMJAMO999. Could you try the workarounds I have mentioned previously when accessing your trophies on the PS5 version? Let me know if any of this helps activate any missing trophies you could not see before.

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@streetwiselive Thanks for the update, and happy to hear that a good portion of the trophies has been unlocked for your after trying the 1 rebel mission. Also, thanks for sharing the other steps you have tried too! Could you share the other trophies that you are still missing after trying these workarounds out?  Another that I mentioned was using the romance option for Petra/Randvi/Tarben after completing their quests. If you have also tried this out, let me know if anything has been updated for you.

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@matthewr7935 No problem! Thanks for letting me know! I have provided your save over to our team regarding the Slam Master achievement.

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