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Dear Ubisoft,

Up till yesterday night, core challenges have been presented when I play AC Valhalla.
But this morning when I logged onto Uplay & started AC Valhalla, then clicked on "Ubisoft Connect", they are no longer available.
Time Limited Challenges: still present, no issues
Core challenges tab now shows "Core Challenges currently not available".

Is this a temporary thing or have core challenges for AC Valhalla been removed permanently as of today?
If it's temporary, when will the core challenges be restored?


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Hey @tleongsc

Apologies to the delay getting back to you on the thread but thanks for updating it to let us know it's resolved already. Usually when something happens like this, it is a Ubisoft Connect related issue rather than game related and it may also affect things like your friends list not showing and is usually temporary and doesn't last too long.