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Hello folks, I'm having this issue and it's very frustrating 😭 

I'm using 2 screens and when playing in full screen, windowed, borderless, whatever, the mouse cursor always goes out of the game monitor and ends up on the second. It doesn't happen if I'm in the menu of the game, only when playing, which makes it impossible to fight for example. The mouse goes to the second screen and I start clicking on icons, or whatever is there. Sometimes opens after-effects in the middle of a battle by accident. it's really annoying. I can't find a way to solve this unless installing software. Has anyone has had this same problem? did you find a solution?

My only solution right now is to off-set the screens but still happens now and again.

Please HELP!!


about 1 year ago - UbiKobold - Direct link

Hey lucasalles! Very sorry to hear that you have encountered this issue with the mouse in Valhalla! Please ensure that your system has the latest drivers for your mouse, and that you have the latest USB drivers for your motherboard.

In addition, if you are using a plug-and-play setup for your mouse without any software installed, updating your USB drivers should solve the problem. However, if you are using a brand-name mouse, make sure that the software is up-to-date. Third-party software itself has also been known to cause issues and may need to be uninstalled entirely. 

If this continues to persist after trying the steps above, please let me know what kind of mouse you are using. Thanks!

about 1 year ago - UbiKobold - Direct link


Thanks for the update! That is interesting that it is only happening with AC Valhalla. Would you be able to create a ticket and submit your MSinfo and DxDiag files? Then, provide your ticket number here and I can go review the files.

Also, since this is only happening with AC Valhalla, please try verifying your game files as well.