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Playing on Xbox One S.

Eivor will not climb the top level of the church in the Raising Iron quest, where the objective is "Climb the church's tower to signal the reeve." The quest therefore can not be completed.

Eivor stays in a squatting position when on the ledge with only the straight section above to the top of the tower. He will not climb the wall at any location and cannot be made to stand upright.

This issue also occurred playing as Layla at the Needham Lake Animus Anomaly, so it could not be completed.

Issue does not fix when reloading old save, restarting console, dying in game, fast traveling elsewhere, etc.

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Hey there @Adjmoreau_1997, sorry to see that the game's not letting you climb to those locations!

If you've not already, please run through the steps listed over here, and then get us a short video showcasing the issue if they don't help!

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