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So, just like in tittle. After about 2 weeks I came back to game and wanted to get some challenges/achievements.
I had no problem to get kills/games counted for this week Community Challenge, however nothing from Core Set is getting updated.

I tried to get 100 kills with Sickle, and unless those kills had to be made in Irland, I should have unlocked the challenge - instead I'm stuck at 12/100 like I have been for over a month now.

Same goes with general game stats - kills from weapons are not being counted, distance traveled is in the same place, even Time Played is different in stats compared to save file.
Below 2 screen shots showing mismatch in played time.

Somehow I have lost 6h of killing enemies and doing other random stuff...

I verified game files, removed all cloud saves I could find on the list and made a new one, restared game/launcher couple of times but nothing is happening.
Achievements are working fine as I was able to get "Is there anybody out there?" achievement just yesterday - issue seems to affect general stats and challenges. As a side note - 2 weeks ago I had no problems with either of these.

Maybe anyone else is having same/similar issue?

Best regards!

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Hey there.

Sorry to hear you've encountered this. If possible could you provide us with a video demonstrating you killing enemies with a sickle and your stats not increasing please? Thanks.