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Are you having a problem installing adds on your PS4??? Does your DLC say its installed but it's not in the game??? There could be an issue with the licenses on your content. Go to the setting section, account management and restore the licenses on your PS4. Also, set your PS4 as primary. Once thats done go over the game, select down on the D pad. Then go down to PS store, on the right now your add ons and DLC should display. Download the add ons onto your PS4 now.

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Hey there @Tiger76742,

Welcome to Discussions! Thank you for sharing this troubleshooting information with other players here on the forums - I hope that it might help anyone experiencing issues with accessing their additional content!

Just referring to the title, are you in need of support with regard to purchases of Helix Credits? Or are you yourself without issue, but just trying to help others with theirs? Please let me know, and thanks again! 🙂

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