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Is anyone else getting tired of getting stuck on stairs or a crack or not being able to step over a 2x4? This is especially annoying in combat especially in a Boss fight where you can take serious damage

For example:


While I am at it another ridiculous annoyance is "Treasure Hoards" ... I had 15 of them saved so I decided to sit down a do a bunch of them because I needed resources for weapons and armor upgrades but I quit after 4 of them. Why? Because all I got for my time was 3 tattoos and a shield design for my ship .... What the hell kind of "Treasure Hoard" is a freaking tattoo? Someone at Ubisoft has a weird definition of a treasure much less a treasure hoard ....

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@longjohn119 I'm sorry for the annoyance these issues have been while in Valhalla. I can definitely share the feedback with the "Treasure Hoards" to our team to review closer. As for the stair issues you have received from the video clip shared, have you encountered this behavior in multiple stairs in different locations or only during random occasions? If it's been unexpected, could you share on the map where this has happened so we can also share this with the Dev Team?