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Here is another for you.

This is a bug chasing the flying papers in Wessex near the Nun Minstry. I don't even do these normally. I stumbled on it and thought what the heck. As you chase the papers, Eivor walks into a roof and just stops. It's like a face plant, but more of a shin plant.

That is why I have avoided doing these. They are so buggy and finicky. It isn't worth the frustration. This is not the first time I've run into issues either. I just haven't bothered reporting them. These minigames and side activities just don't work. The devs bit off more than they could chew.

I preordered the Ultimate Edition, and I waited until I got a PS5, hoping the bugs would be worked out by then. Clearly not. There are still a lot of bugs in this game that have not been worked out.

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Hey @VirtualAwesome

I'm sorry to hear that. Please could you record a video clip of this and upload it online to somewhere we can view it like YouTube, then send us a link to view this? 

You can do this direct from the PS5 using the create button. We can then forward it on to the relevant teams to look into this. 

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