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In Valhalla, since the update of 12/14/21, once in the island of Skye, impossible to open the world map.
As soon as I try to open the map, the game is not controllable anymore, no key interacts with the game. I have to close the game and restart it.
The game does not crash, it runs well, the character is still animated, but no more possibility to move for example, no more keys work.

I am on PC, Windows 11

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@Bockelbam Welcome to the forums. The game team is aware of this occurring for players and are looking into it. My apologies for the trouble this has been causing.

@Bockelbam @padania7 @Kala_Bender @Yojira would you all mind replying with the current button you have keybound to open the Map? In addition, please make sure your latest saves are uploaded to the cloud so the team can investigate this bug.