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I just started the "In a strange land" quest. I talked to Randvi, and pledged to Vinland.
I went to Nessa (the woman in the docks who's supposed to travel me there)
Initiated the first cutscene with her where she tells me about the rules, and Randvi tells me to leave my gear. All good up to this point.
Then when I initiate the second cutscene, where Nessa asks me if I am ready to go to Vinland, I reply yes. And then the game fades to black possibly for a loading screen, but as soon as it fades to black, it crashes to desktop (before showing any loading screens).
No errors. No codes. Just straight up crash.

Might be worth mentioning that I've delayed this quest for a while and I didn't do it as soon as I was able to.
I am now at the point in the game where I finished the Suthsexe Arc and brought Sigurd back to the settlement.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

2 months ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

Hi @Caranthir09 I'm sorry to hear that your game is crashing when you try to go to Vinland.

Could you take a look at the PC troubleshooting article and run through all the steps listed then try again. The support article contains some of the most common fixes for crashes, freezing, FPS drops and more.

Please confirm if this resolves the issue. 

about 2 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @Caranthir09

I took a look at the system files you sent us on your open support ticket and I have a couple things you can quickly test to see if the game will load you into Vinland afterwards.

  1. Set your refresh rate to 60hz. You can try this both through the in-game settings and through your monitor directly. Once you are able to get to Vinland you should be able to change these settings back.
  2. Ensure that Ubisoft Connect and your game files are installed onto the same hard drive. If you do need to move Ubisoft Connect, please do so by completely reinstalling it.

Let me know if these things allow you to make it to Vinland crash free!

about 2 months ago - Ubi-Keo - Direct link

@Caranthir09 I'm sorry to hear that the steps suggested did not help to resolve the issue.

Our Customer Support specialists will investigate this issue further and provide you will additional troubleshooting to try. Please note as there is a high volume of contacts it may take a little longer than usual until you receive a response to your case.