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This is beyond a joke now. No telephone support. No one is replying to any of my e-mails. I have opened a case with no reply. I have tried every possible fix suggested by people on reddit, the forums and from ubisoft themselves. I have purchased the game on ubisoft connect, I have all the proof. But I can't access it. I took today off to play this game and now can't. I have been trying for coming up to 24 hours and I have resorted to posting here. Can any of the staff here please help.

EDIT 1: Bumping. I would like a reply today before I contact my local and national newspapers. I also stream ( under an alias ) and will be telling everyone on stream about the ridiculous treatment, or rather lack of support I have received. I also teach English to ESL learners online. I have an e-mail newsletter reaching about 3 thousand students, in which I will also explain the situation too. Come on Ubisoft. This is not that hard. Give me what I paid for.

EDIT 2: Another bump. case number 13144902

EDIT 3: What order are these being done in? Literally people who have posted after me are being responded to first.......
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twopointohh - I have merged all of your posts into one. Please don't bump threads - it is against our forum rules, and does not help us to help you. It can obscure key information from other players and push down other issues that are just as deserving of attention as your own. With regard to your issue, I can see your order on your account but it looks to be stuck in a "pending" state. I would advise you to wait for a response from our team in your support case so that we can address this as soon as possible with you, as I cannot assist you on these public forums.

progmaker - I don't see any orders on your account at all I'm afraid. If you did not receive a confirmation email, I am inclined to believe there may have been an issue with the completion of your order, and your funds may be in a hold. Please update your support case with the details of the transaction (date, time, amount, and your name as it appears on your card) so that my colleagues can investigate this further for you. If the order appears in your order history, a screenshot of that would be helpful, too.

Sneakyfluff - As above, it sounds as if your funds may be in a hold. If they are, they'll be returned to you automatically, but the time this may take can vary by bank / payment provider. Please add the following details in a new comment on your case if they have not already been requested from you: date, time, amount, and your name as it appears on your card.

fronik24 - We had an issue with the delayed delivery of orders of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, but this was resolved earlier today. This may be why you have seen some players who have ordered it more recently having it on their account already, as they were unaffected by this issue. For yourself, I can see the order in a pending state as with twopointohh, so we may need to look into this more closely with you. An agent will be in touch via your support case as soon as possible.

To you all - these forums are actually no longer in use for Assassin's Creed Valhalla. We have moved to a new platform, and if you do require further assistance, I'd ask you to post there instead. Please make sure to include your case reference numbers in your posts as you did here. Thanks!

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