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Hello AC Members,

I want to purchase a gear set in the Ubisoft store but it doesn't state which gear set belongs to which skill tree (Raven, Bear or Wolf).
So I opened a ticket at the Ubisoft support but apparently they don't know what they are selling and told me to ask the community.....

So here comes the question: Which gear sets belong to which skill tree?

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Hey there @nesoor - welcome to Discussions! Thank you for sharing your question here regarding purchaseable gear sets, and which skill tree they each align with.

Could you possibly tell me the specific item(s) that you're looking to purchase, so I can research into this for you, and get back to you with more information? You mentioned contacting us via our support system already as well - can you share the case reference number with me so that I can refer to any previous information you were provided with?

Thank you! 🙂

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@thenorfolkian @azullFR @nesoor @SpirantCrayon22 Hi all,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the gear sets and which skill tree they belong too. You can see which gear belongs to which skill tree when you have the gear in your inventory as selecting it shows the relevant image above the name of the item (Raven, Wolf or Bear) as SpirantCrayon22 previously mentioned, however you cannot see this when browsing items to purchase on the store.

I have forwarded this on to the development team.

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