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the game keeps crashing when i update to the version 1.4.1 and i ve tried everthing i can do but still dont work plz let me know this is a technical problems and its not my fault. and if it so just plz fix it asap cuz there are peoples whicn dont know how to deal with these techical issues

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Hi @gonolvier @EfrenKbone @Jekkil1802 @S7igma957 @Staus4 @TheChetoOG. I am so sorry to hear you all are having crashing issues with Valhalla. I know many of you have already ran through our general troubleshooting. If you haven't, please try those steps now. If you have ran through all of those steps, please generate your MSINFO and DxDiag and start a support ticket with us so we can get this looked into. Thanks! 🙂

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