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I was playing last few days in ac vallhala dlc Dawn of ragnarok and i didnt notice when i kill 1 pack with jotun (this wolf mark) i didnt get jotun cloak now i have save after full clear and with 95% (here i have still 2 pack) and on this save also i miss cloak and 2 other piece but this i can get from pack. What i can do to get this cloak ? i really wanna try this secret event behind portal but with out this 1 specific item i cant get there Pls help :((((

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@Danonek146 Hey there! Welcome to Discussions! I'm sorry to hear you're missing the Jotun Cloak after killing a wolf pack. You should be able to get the cloak after killing and confirming the pack leader, Vesalligr. Did you confirm the kill for Vesalligr? If not, are you able to confirm the kill if you travel back to the area where you fought the him and the rest of the pack?

I noticed you mentioned a different save. To confirm, did you try reverting to a save before encountering the pack?

Thank you!

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