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THIS LAST UPDATE did it: 6 (something) i'm DONE WITH UBISOFT!!!!!!!
This update broke the damn game,.. i'm getting issues loading now ,.. stupid festival do not work ,.. this TEAM is not the ones from the past and i don't even need to know,.. IT SHOWS! this was a tight game before ALL THESE UPDATES,..i'm glad i did NOT get suckered in buying Ragnorak ,.. i said mannnn ,.. finish this game 1st,.. as i get closer to the end ,.. more and more problems occur ,.. AS IF they never finished this game and made it soooo large it bought them time to complete,.. so these updates are not fixes ,.. they are the actual game elements then everytime i get more strength,.. the areas keep rising in difficulty i'm at 470 an should had been strong enough for the world ,.. yet everytime i get more experience the world around me benefits,.. stupid!!!!!!! i dont want anymore experience but its forced on me !!! I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER UBISOFT GAME AGAIN,... i'm getting too old for these slick gimmicks,.. the only ones who truly care about customer experience in my opinion is RockStar !!!!! ,.. yeah i know,.. "your sorry i feel this way" NO YOUR NOT ! so do not even respond to this "officially"

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@dajizzarizza Hey! Thank you for your post. We understand that you mentioned you did not want an official response, however, as a fellow gamer, I really do want to help look into this for you.

Would that be ok?