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So in 'The Ulfberht Sword' quest I suppose to kill two captains located at Fort Ehrenfels and Katzenelnbogen. but there is no captain in Katzenelnbogen to confirm even though the game quest shows me that I should explore Katzenelnbogen to kill the second captain.
I found a video on youtube with the same exact issue.

this is an 8 month old video so is there any solution to this?

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@blaze_941 Welcome to the forums! In the latest update (1.6.2), this should no longer be a problem. If you notice this still happening in 1.6.2 and you have tried verifying your game files provide any new results, could you share any recent video clips of this still occurring on your end? Also, could you please confirm if your save files are currently updated to the Cloud? We want to provide this information to the dev team if this is continuing. Thank you!

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