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As stated in the title I would like to give a suggestion for making the experience of playing Valhalla even better for some players - "some" because it is not a new thread; its been mentioned before with only a respond as "we're sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with this effect regarding the outfit"
Anyways, can I please suggest, on the behalf of other players who have been supporting this "request", to the Development Team - to enable us an option to turn on/off the smoking-effects appearing on certain outfits from microtransaction store e.g Huldufolk armor or Jormungardr one. Players who enjoy these visual effects would still be able to turn them ON if they find them cool and all.
As I remember - there's been an update for the game in the past - which had caused a glitch making these visual-effects disappear - which actually had me excited, but after all, another update brought it back thereafter.
Example as below:

Please consider enabling this option while we're still having this last year of support for Valhalla.
Anyways - some of us spent money on these microtransactions and we dont want to feel like we spent it in vain 🙂

Stay safe all and a big shoutout from Poland !

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Hey @deftonce

We can certainly pass on the suggestion to the dev team for you. The support team ourselves don't have the decision making on it of course, but I hope this is something that gets added for you.

Edit - I just to went to forward on the suggestion and I see this has already been suggested previously a couple of times, so hopefully it's something the devs may be planning on.

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