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I bought and downloaded Valhalla and it worked perfectly for about a week but yesterday when I tried to launch it, a Ubisoft Connect popup appeared, asking for an activation code. I cannot find the code, the internet keeps telling me that it should be in the box or on a manual but I digitally downloaded it. The only codes in emails after I bought the game where invoice and order codes, should it be in game files somewhere or something? Please somebody help I just want to be a cool Viking again.

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Hey @cajunhotsauce

You don't get a CD key when purchasing the game through Epic, it links to the Ubisoft account automatically.

It sounds like you are logged in to Ubisoft Connect with the wrong Ubisoft account that didn't activate the game originally.

Could you double check the username you are signed in to and see if you have another account? If you are unsure, we can help look into this for you but would need to speak to you privately on one of the options below:

Live Chat (when available)

Twitter Direct Message

Facebook Private Message

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