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UBISOFT,....Ostara Festival NOT WORKING after update 1.5.1 -WHY is this still not fixed? I keep reading the SAME issue OVER AND OVER ,..you guys keep saying upload screenshots ,.. but i see the same screenshots OVER AND OVER again,.. so you guys at UBISOFT is aware of this yet i KEEP experiencing this for the past week,.. i missed all the other festivals ,.. never knew to play during holidays till now ,.. when i happen to play during the month of easter ,... PLEASE FIX THIS or Simply explain HOW i can remove this update from my game ,.. i'm playing on PS4. thanks normally you guys i love ,.. just hard for me to understand you are aware of something that's fixable yet still asking for screenshots,.. again thanks.

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Hey folks!

Sorry to hear that you both are experiencing an issue with the Ostara Festival. Rest assured this is something we are aware of and it is actively being looked into.

We do ask for multiple screenshots to ensure that each player is facing the same issue.

At the moment I do not have any further information to share on this issue I am afraid.

Thank you both for your time.