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I have a video that I created that showcases the issue. I am unable to select the new skills, I even reset one in the bear tree and re-enable it and still unable to select a new skill. The game keeps giving me skill points though, but cant use them and now I have as many as I have, a lot of them should of gone to mastery points instead because I cant max the skill tree, it has been giving out skill points instead of Mastery points.



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@marka211 Hi there.

Sorry to hear you've been unable to access this skill, despite having the points for it.

In the past, skill tree related issues have been fixable by uninstalling and reinstalling. This may not be ideal as it does take some time, so you may want to check this again after the update before deciding to try this.

If the issue persists, please make sure your save is available as a cloud save, and let us know!

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