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So yesterday (11/09/2022) I bought AC valhalla DLC. But I never got an mail about it so there I was concerned. But I was tired and went to bed. The next morning I went to my PC and launched AC Valhalla. But when I got in i never got a "notification" about a new quest (DLC). So I went in Ubisoft connect thing, directly from the game, and clicked on store. There I could see the DLC i puchesed before and it said I own it. But then I looked at Dawn of Ragnarök and it said that I don't own it.
So I'm very upset. I bought a DLC for 319,20 sek/kr (discount, og price: 399kr),(swedish crowns) which is around 30,56 dollars.
Why does it say that I don't own it?
Do I have to buy the DLC again?

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Hi there @HerrHalvasiat! I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues with your purchase. It is possible that your purchase is simply delayed, which can happen from time to time. Please allow 48 hours to pass before we proceed. If your purchase is still missing in Ubisoft Connect after 48 hours, please open a support ticket for this issue and an agent will be able to follow up with you directly. 🐙