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I play this game on xbox series x. The console system is up to date.I have never experienced a game crash before until I went tu 1.4.0. It happens from time to time, especially when I was at Ravensthorpe, where it needs info from the sever or cloud.

It happened twice when I fast travel from some other places, and once when I was playing the shooting arrow game from the festival for the second time.

It just goes right back to the desktop of the xbox. And I can't do quick resume, all I can do is to start it again, waiting for the loading again. I connect my console through cables. Every other game works fine.

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Hello @orangeater sorry to hear of the crashes you have experienced on Xbox after the update, I have just read a similar report in this very forum.

In order to rule a few causes out, would you please run through our troubleshooting steps for Xbox which include clearing your Xbox cache and restoring licences to the game, then let us know what happens? > https://www.ubisoft.com/help?article=000080996

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