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I was trying to work around the problem of my character not moving after the new update and I deleted then reinstalled the game onto my ps4. However all my saved data has become corrupted and cannot be loaded! All my progress is gone! How is that even possible? Please help I don't want to restart the game from scratch.

11 days ago - Ubi-Orion - Direct link

Hey there folks.

The movement issue you're referring to was resolved with a hotfix on the 16th of November.


If you're still experiencing issues with corrupt save(s) can you confirm the following:

- If you close the app and re-launch it, are you able to save again? Please specify for Quick, Auto, and Manual saves
- Do you own either expansions? If so does this issue only occur while playing the expansion content or do you also experience it on other maps in the game?
- How much space is available on your console storage?
- How many total saves slots do you have? How many have the Corrupt error?


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