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Hello Together,

I have pre-ordered the game to PC on 06.11.2020 but it is not available on my library.

Payment went trough without any issues and I can only see the game in my order history.

Thanks in advance for the support !

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devastator0327 - I cannot see any successful orders on your account. It may be that a receipt has been generated for you, but the order itself was unsuccessful and your funds are being held for this reason. Please reach out to us privately using one of the methods below for us to investigate further, and provide us with the following: the payment method you used, the amount you paid, the date and time of the transaction, and your full name on the card / account you used.

- Support Case
- Live Chat
- Facebook PM
- Twitter DM

NEVER_BACKDOWN - I don't see a Ubisoft Store copy of Assassin's Creed Valhalla on your account, though I do see that you have one from Epic Games, as well as the subscription version offered by Ubisoft+. If you need to contact us about an unsuccessful order you tried to make through the Ubisoft Store, please reach out using one of the above methods as well. Thank you!

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