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Just wanted to let you know I lost 2 hours of my life in a river raid only to die because of a texture stuck problem, like falling forever but in a wall... thank you very much for not having the possibilty to save during a river raid (somehow)! You guys rock! I will never buy a Ubisoft game ever simply because you do not listen to player feedback and don't care about customer issues.

I can understand that sometimes things like this could happen but at the same time this is not out of your control to offer some kind of workaround like a temp save or something that technically isn't impossible. 
I'mt writing this to you because this is not the first time this has happened and I'm sick and tired of repeating the same river raid only to crash or get stuck, not die because of losing my HP...
I'll let the subscription run its course and will part ways forever!

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Hey there @snowbawls2 - welcome to the Discussions forums! I am sorry to hear that you encountered an issue during a River Raid which meant that you were unable to complete it, and as such lost your progress made and loot gained during the raid.

We have previously passed forward the feedback from players that the ability to save during River Raids would be a desirable feature, and continue to do so whenever we see new threads on similar topics, such as your own here. I'll pass a link to this thread to the developers for them to refer to, as such.

I'd like to try and offer you some troubleshooting suggestions, to see if we can improve your system's performance and try to stop additional crashes from occurring. Judging from your mention of a subscription, I am assuming you are using our Ubisoft+ service, in which case the troubleshooting I'd like to recommend is our steps for PC here. If I am wrong, and you are playing on a different platform, please accept my apologies and do let me know the correct platform so that I can provide you with the correct steps!

Please let me know if you need any additional assistance in the meantime, and thank you again for sharing your feedback with us. Please rest assured that all feedback is heard and taken seriously, even if we are unable to action it.