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Dear Ubisoft, when will the issue of Eivor being frozen and unmovable be solved, please? If Ubisoft will let us wait for the next update in December than you'll lose my support - again (end of February I left with a broken heart this beautiful game behind thanks to all those annoying bugs; until a month ago I started playing again and I could tell with great delight a lot of improvements were made). This game is MAGNIFICANT! However, bugs which come along with new copy-paste DLC, like this festival, are - pardon my French - PATHETIC! Especially on holiday's, those are the days we can play. So you SCREWED it and screwed ME too, and I don't like to be screwed! So, solve this SAD issue asap, please! Thanks, Yves

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Hey there.

This should have been resolved via a hotfix earlier today. If you haven't already done so please reboot the game and it should be fixed. If however this is not the case for you please let us know. Thanks!