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Since the last update I am having the following issues:

  1. An item stock level on an island has hit zero (0) available but when a ship running a trade route arrives to unload a re-stock of that item it reports no available room - the item is fully stocked even though it is at zero. This has happened twice now, once with Camphor Wax and once with Zinc. Two separate islands. The only way to fix it was to manually direct a ship, pickup a load of the item, then manually send that ship to the affected island and manually unload the item into stock. Then the trade route will began to work again and unload the good.
  2. In the Menu System for Docklands export/import settings when I click on an item quantity to change it the cursor does not appear. I have no way of changing the item quantity. The only way to fix it is to go to the top of the menu and cycle through the islands. Then sometimes when I get back to the island I am trying to edit the cursor will appear. Very frustrating. This happens randomly. With random items. But always happens with at least one or two of the items when I open the menu. No matter from what Wharf or no matter from what island.
  3. Drastic loss of stock of an item. Not sure if I missed something but seemed very odd. I had a stock level of 1900 coal on an island, and within 20 minutes I was at zero. I made no changes to anything that would affect coal use on that island and was only receiving coal on that island in trade routes - not exporting any of it. With my issues stated above in issue one (1) it does not surprise me as stock levels on islands seem to have issues now.

I am running the latest version of the game. I have all three seasons of the DLC. The session I am playing is probably 80 hours in with everything chosen from start except Sunken Treasures and The Passage.
I have completed everything I can at this point and unlocked all the content available. (Enbesa, New World, High Life, Bright Harvest, etc....)

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Hi @lawrencepepper. Apologies for these issues you're facing. I would like to take a look into this a bit further. Could I have you verify your game files? This will just ensure that everything is properly there and not causing these bugs. Additionally, do you happen to have a video showing your trade route not operating correctly?

I also ask that you have your game uploaded to the cloud so we can take a look at your save file.