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So after the most recent update and playing in Season 3 DLC whenever I hover my mouse over a building, my FPS will drop to around 20 or so. If I move my mouse to a "blank" area, it will go back to "normal" which usually hovers between 50-100. This is a late game save, so there's a lot going on and frame rates can easily jump around. However, it will always drop to 20 or so by highlighting a building causing a jarring stutter. Quality settings don't matter. Currently I'm on mostly High, but even changing things to low or medium yield the same result.

I'm running the Steam version with an i7-9700K, GTX 1080, 32GB Ram, on a Solid State Drive. I saw a thread in the steam forms about this as well, and you can apparently work around the issue by installing an older Nvidia driver 451.76 or thereabouts. I'd prefer to keep my driver up to date though, so I'm hoping this can be patched. It was fine in the days leading up Season 3.

Thank you for your time.
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Originally Posted by Boliwod
I'll answer this myself. From what I read, there was an AMA recently with Ubisoft where they mentioned this was a nvidia issue which they are working to resolve on their end. Hopefully a new Driver or hotfiix driver will surface soon.
Hey Boliwod,

Thank you for reaching out!

We are indeed investigating issues of players encountering poor performance following the 457.51 driver update, particularly 20 and 30 series.

Have you yet tried rolling back your GPU drivers to see if this helps improve performance? As this has been known to resolve things for others with this issue

We'll update the Forums as and when we hear more from the team, sorry for any inconvenience!
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Thanks for the additional reports folks This issue is still under ongoing investigation, we're glad to hear performance is somewhat improved but it sounds as though the issues are not entirely resolved.
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Hello everyone, thank you for continuing to update us on your in game performance, FPS drops and lag.

I have seen a recent thread pop up where players also mention this is affecting Nvidia update 461.92 also as SirHarryPierce and Boliwod have confirmed.

We have an investigation ongoing into this but it would also help if some of you can send some files over to us please, so that we can send new reports and fresh system files to our QA team.

Could you please gather the following files for us -

DXDIAG - https://ubi.li/msrxL
MSINFO - https://ubi.li/lmiCE
Save File affected - %userprofile%\Documents\Anno 1800\accounts\

I would also like to know, after how many hours play time (in one session) does this occur for you and how many hours playtime do you have on the affected save file in question, in total?

If you can log into our Ubisoft Support website here and upload the above 3 files, please drop your case number in the thread and we will happily attach this to our investigation, thank you kindly for your help -
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If you have issues attaching savegames to your ticket, you can upload the files on a hosting website and simply send the link.

Thank you for the already provided info!
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Originally Posted by SirHarryPierce
My above stated tickets have been merged by support.
Hey, SirHarryPierce!

Multiple tickets do get merged. Did you receive a response on this issue through your case yet?
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What is the case number please?

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