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When I transport mail either regionally or overseas the delivery system unloads all mail even if the island is not capable of receiving the entire amount. Is this by design?
Also, is there a plan to slow down overseas mail consumption? I ask because with larger Old World populations being naturally larger, the overseas populations are not generating enough mail to keep the need fulfilled. When I say larger Old World populations, I am not maxing out population. Crown Falls only has 67k population. My investor island has 96k. My engineer island is 60k. I struggle
keeping these three islands overseas mail satiated.
I believe part of the problem to be the disappearing mail on delivery. Another most likely is I am not understanding the current statistics mechanics. 

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Hey there @Shalira159, thanks for reaching out, and welcome to the forums!

If you haven't already, can you please run through our basic troubleshooting steps to see if they have any effect, and then get us some images, or preferably a short video showcasing the issue if it persists?

Can you please do the same if you're running into this same issue with the mail, @AORUS2017? Or are you running into different problems with the mail system?

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The steps may not always help, unfortunately, but we do ask that you start with those steps as it can help a lot of different issues! If it doesn't help though, that gives us a bit more information about the issue to better narrow down what the cause of it may be.

As for the speed (or rather lack thereof) of airships, this feedback has been sent to the team already that I can see but I have also added your input to the feedback report as well for good measure!

@AORUS2017 and @Shalira159

Regarding the other mentioned issues:

For unloading mail only allowing you to unload all mail and not choose an amount to unload, we're asking the team for clarification on if that is working as intended or not!

For mail disappearing however, can you both give a bit more information on that? When did you first notice mail disappearing? And what exactly occurs that causes the mail to disappear? Is it specifically when unloading more mail than an island has the capacity for? Are there other times when it disappears?

6 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hey there @AORUS2017

Based on what you're describing here, it sounds more like you are simply not producing enough goods - mail specifically - to keep up with the demand in your high population buildings. What DeskLamp was asking for was a specific example of mail disappearing without this level of demand for it. We would need a visual example and description of that happening, as this is the forum for bug reports and technical issues.

6 months ago - Ubi-SleepyGoat - Direct link

Hello again @AORUS2017

Unfortunately, since you are refusing to provide the screenshots and evidence of the issue that has been requested, there is no assistance that I can offer you. If you change your mind and would like to provide those screenshots, this thread will remain open for you!

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@AORUS2017 Hi there, and sorry for the late reply 😊 Thank you for the screenshot!

Once you have the other images, please upload them as well, and we will look into everything 🙂


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