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I woke up this morning to an update. I wasn't notified there was an update while launching the game. My first problem came from the game not showing me my update, once I reset my pc and verified files the entire game was now corrupted. Now I see they're under maintenance and I can't even play their game anymore. All I ask is for Ubisoft to please tell the community on the launcher when they're undergoing maintenance.

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Why did i pay for a broken game? Cant play track of the day it just crashes to desktop cant play online crashes to desktop another nadeo bugfest that i cant even get a refund for. Paid for on launch day and cant even use fewtures i pay for without it crashing to the desktop
Hey there!

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues.

Could you please give the steps in our guide a try and let us know if they help resolve the crashes.

If you're still having issues, please open a case on our Support Site and send over your system files.



Thank you!
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@gordomcyeet Hello there. I am incredibly sorry for the frustration this has caused this morning. The Maintenance should now be completed at this time. Please try launching the game once again at this time. If you continue to experience the same issues as before, try verifying the game files once again after the Maintenance has been completed and try opening the game once more. Please keep us posted if you continue to run into any further troubles accessing the game at this time.

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Hey @richigutt,


Sorry to hear about the trouble here.


If you're seeing this happen consistently that may point to a connection issue in which case it could be worth going through some connection troubleshooting steps to try and prevent this from recurring later on.