17 days ago - EA_Mako - Direct link

Hey @CleverThough,


Sorry to hear about the trouble you've run into getting this investigated again. 


While we're not able to look into this directly on the forums, we definitely want to have that system available for players to have account actions reviewed if there was any concern that the action wasn't applied directly.


Just taking a look through the cases you've created recently, it looks like the case flip-flopping you mentioned here was because our advisors were trying to verify this account and see where the ban took place, as it appears you were contacting support from a completely separate account. They'd need to be able to verify which account you were having trouble with to look into this further.


If you'd like to give that another try please feel free to reach out through the steps below. You should be able to log into the account with the ban when submitting the appeal, but if you're having trouble accessing that please be sure to let them know which account has the action so it can be looked into properly, thanks.