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07 Feb

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I agree, this thread was fine. I've undeleted it but changed the title to be more constructive.

28 Jan

Item Card Changes:
  • Blade of the Vigil: Cleave increased from +2 to +4
  • Keenfolk Plate: Added "Equipped hero's attackers have -1 Armor"
  • Stonehall Pike cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • Stonehall Plate cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • Barbed Mail cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • Assassin's Veil cost reduced from 6 gold to 4 gold
  • Phase Boots cost reduced from 6 gold to 5 gold
  • Broadsword cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • Keenfolk Musket cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • Chainmail cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • Fur-lined Mantle cost reduced from 7 gold to 6 gold
  • Red Mist Maul cost reduced from 10 gold to 9 gold
  • Obliterating Orb cost reduced from 10 gold to 9 gold
  • Ring of Tarrasque cost reduced from 12 gold to 10 gold
  • Cloak of Endless Ca...
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20 Jan

    PersonGuy on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
That discussion looks fine to me. I've undeleted it:

18 Jan

  • Fixed the game engine pausing when bringing up the Steam Overlay.
  • Added buttons to the HUD for viewing decklists.
  • Fixed not being able to inspect heroes in Minimap.
  • Fixed Marrowfell Brawler dialog not working.
  • Fixed being able to get the Fought Well bonus in tied games.
  • Visual improvements for Keenfolk Musket, Sow Venom, Fury Swipes, Corrosive Skin, and Hellbear Crippler.
  • Fixed visual bugs with heroes sometimes overlapping during deployment.
  • Thundergod's Wrath now shows its played card after the animation.
  • Various stability improvements.

Reduced length of various animations and effects:
  • Card draw
  • Entering and exiting shopping
  • When opponent plays an Improvement the camera no longer scrolls to the target lane
  • Dimensional Portal, Defensive Bloom, Sow Ve...
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11 Jan

- Fix Mac clients not being able to connect to Artifact network.
- Removed 60 seconds to surrender notification.
- Fixed AI taking a few extra seconds to play when you pass.
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  • Added a bindable key for typing a custom message on your tower in the active lane.
  • Increased maximum custom message length.
  • Increased visibility of chat wheel mute button.
  • Replaced "Chat with Opponent" button on the end game screen with an "Add Friend" button if you are not friends with your opponent.
  • Last action is shown as a mini card on the HUD.
  • Fixed many cases of last action details not listing the targeted cards.
  • Fixed glossary keywords not working when inspecting active ability actions.
  • Fixed some cases where the last used AI deck was not saved.
  • Added the ability to send and receive friend requests on the end game screen or using the steam icon in-game.
  • Fixed various Call to Arms leaderboard UI bugs.

Game clock:
  • After you receive the coin, the game clock now waits an additio...
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22 Dec

21 Dec


Today's Build Your Legend Update focuses on skill rating, account leveling, and card balance.

Skill Rating and Account Leveling
This update introduces independent skill ratings for constructed and draft games. It also includes an account leveling system that tracks your overall experience with the game and allows you to unlock level icons and a set number of tickets and packs. More information on both systems is available on the ... Read more

14 Dec


Today's Artifact 1.1 Update focuses on social features: a chat wheel, in / post-game chat, and brand new automated tournaments. Additionally, we've added leaderboard support to the Call to Arms gauntlet along two new decks: a damage-focused mono blue deck and an all-aggro all-the-time mono black deck.

There are many other features in the update, as well as a ton of bug-fixes. Check out the patch notes and the ... Read more

12 Dec

11 Dec

04 Dec