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14 Mar


Originally posted by 27poker

I was prepared for this map being set in México with Chilean flags sprinkled on top but gotta admit that it really captures the vibes of some of the rural towns around here. But what really makes it feel like a real, lived in place in Chile is the street art, you did your homework and it shows

Reading this has meant a lot to the team, thank you for that ;)
We're glad we can show even more love to Chile!


Originally posted by DANNYonPC

64p only?


The mistake that is 128p is clearly going away!

It's possible to ramp up the playercount via Portal, but it's 64 player focused and intended for that!


Hello there!

Season 7: Turning Point for Battlefield 2042 releases on March 19, and today we’re taking a look at this Season’s brand new map: Haven!

Defining the Culture of Haven

Today we’re starting with a small behind the scenes look into how our team brings new maps to life.

When designing a new Season and its map, one of the things we look for is contrast. What can we do that feels different, and how can we explore new areas, themes, and emotions to enrich our available experiences?

For our art direction this meant that with Season 6 y...

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06 Mar


It's Scope Glint, at a certain zoom distance on weapons the scope will glint in order to telegraph back to you that the dude is hardscoped and likely aimed at you. It's also to help indicate wh ere a sniper may be nestled because without it, you'd be looking around frantically trying to figure out where the shots are from.

Also, I had a nostalgic trip around Gizmo from Gremlins here - so thanks for that. BRIGHT LIGHTS.


As we get closer to the reveal of Season 7 for Battlefield 2042, we wanted to begin touching upon some key gameplay changes set to take place!

First up is Weapon Recoil, take a look below to see how Assault Rifles, SMGs and LMGs will be feeling different in the upcoming Season.

With Season 7, we wanted weapons to feel more unique and powerful when it comes to firing them, as such we have made changes to how visual recoil is handled within the game and tuned them to the vision for each weapon.

Similar to the work that had taken place with Season 5 and Camera Sprint Motion, these changes will be more subtle to some of you while being more apparent to others.

It's an effort to create a more vivid firing experience, which will provide more visual emphasis on the weight and power of a weapon as you fire whilst aiming down sights.

Going forward we hope these changes will now provide distinct character to each weapon's gameplay and visual ex...

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23 Feb


Originally posted by finkrer

Let me introduce you to the GLSDB container launcher. It's an actual thing. Only driveable when put on a truck though.


Hello there,

Update 6.4.0 will release across all platforms this coming Wednesday, 28th February. This will be our final update ahead of Season 7 which is set to arrive in March.

 Take a look at a summary of what’s new in Update 6.4.0!


  • Arkangel Directive Underway
  • Persistent Servers Update for Battlefield Portal Custom Experiences
  • Directional Gunner HUD Improvements and Customization Options

 Take a look below to learn the full set of balance changes and improvements taking place with this update.


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I once advocated for a driveable vehicle that had the exterior of a shipping container but opened up to reveal it to be housing a missile battery.

Should've happened. Shipping containers ftw.

20 Feb


We have now activated the Unlock Requirements for Hardware such as the Medical Pouch if you missed out on obtaining them as part of Season 6 on Battlefield 2042,

These requirements are now visible within the Collections Screen.

Additionally, we are aware that one requirement - for the Medical Pouch is listing incorrect text.

Replenishing the Health of Squadmates will contribute towards this unlock.

This unlock text will be resolved in Update 6.4, which is scheduled to arrive on February 28th. Stay tuned later this week for our Update Notes...

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13 Feb


The following VHX-D3 Balance Changes are now live across all platforms. This may take a while to propagate across all servers. We look forward to your continued feedback!

12 Feb


Tomorrow (13/02) at 12:00 UTC we will roll out the following VHX-D3 Balance Changes via a Backend Update on Battlefield 2042

Standard Issue & Subsonic Ammo

  • 0-20M Damage Reduced to 22.
  • Can no longer 2 Headshot Kill.

High-Power Ammo

  • 0-4M Damage Reduced from 28 to 25.
  • 20-29M Damage Reduced from 24 to 22.
  • Can no longer 2 Headshot Kill.

ADS Dispersion

  • Increased dispersion by small amounts while Standing, Standing and Moving, an...
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06 Feb


I was rooting for you there! I thought you were going to miss the re-entry :')



Hello there!
We've just pushed out an update that has restored them to the Web Builder.

Thanks for your patience!


I really appreciate the warmth and constructive feedback here folks, and the fact that no one has requested me to go on another podcast. Today has been a good day in both senses! :D

05 Feb


Today we’re sitting down with the full Battlefield Community Team to introduce ourselves, talk more about our role, and how we stay connected with our Battlefield players.

Tune in -

Spotify: Episode 30 - Meet the Community Team! - Inside Battlefield | Podcast on Spotify

Youtube: ...

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31 Jan


Just checking in here, how often would you say you're receiving a dusting moment when using the RPG? Was this in the same match?


Hey, could I have some footage or an image of this, and potentially any insight into your current color settings?

29 Jan


Just a note to say I've passed this onto the team and we're looking into it. We'll get it sorted if that is indeed the case!

PS: Lovely shot!


Originally posted by linkitnow

Is this the first time they were able to tweak weapon stats via a server update?

We've been making backend changes like this for some time now. Over the past year and a half, we've been communicating more about them though as we continue to build transparency via BattlefieldComm

It's also part of a wider effort to enable the ability to make changes like these via the backend, online. We call them "Tweakables" internally, and throughout many updates, we have been enabling the ability to alter balance for Vehicles, Gadgets, Weapons, etc outside of a Client Update.

We ultimately want to be able to react faster to feedback and data that we'r...

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