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Hey @nitetiger1977,

please reach out to our colleagues in EA support. We are limited here in the forum since we can't view EA account information, but the advisers can have a closer look and help you figure out the correct account and email address.


Taggt mich bitte mit @EA_Vendcera, wenn ihr mir antwortet.
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Originally posted by Stevestating

Hi /u/lytlb1t, can you pass this to the team? Thanks!

Yep I will, thanks for reporting!


Originally posted by da_undataka

There was a bug I discovered yesterday, shooting rockets from one of the shipping container beams down on a tank dealt zero damage. Shot about 4 rockets while the tank was moving. The one facing the ship i think sector D manifest. I should have clipped it. I'll try to replicate but it could have been a one off.

That sounds weird. If you manage to record a video I'll happily forward it.

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Hello there, @TheExtremelyBad  if you suspect cheaters in any of our games, I recommend looking at our article on reporting players.



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Originally posted by T_Cunn1102

Can you say what was causing it? Just curious

I think it will be mentioned in the patch notes.


Originally posted by ChrisH100

apologies to double comment but just letting you know that there’s a bug where if you take a tactical insert and place it in an elevator, the tactical insert does not stay in the elevator car.

It stays on the ground level and if you spawn on the tactical insert while the elevator car is on another floor, you are inside the elevator shaft (and not the car)

If you go prone while the elevator comes down and are in the elevator shaft, you can avoid getting pushed back into the elevator and stay inside the walls of the elevator shaft.

Thanks, I'll forward this to QV


Originally posted by McVersatilis

Congrats on finding the fix! Must have have been a pain debugging that one...

I wouldn't have managed without our great QV department that went above and beyond to find the repro.