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31 Jan

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Hey @ajzl1, thanks for this.


I noticed this as well and I am not sure if this is an intended change or an actual bug. Poking the team on it.


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Whenever I see a Defib Kill, I can't resist the flashbacks to the infamous "Zap Zap, Mother----" line from Battlefield 3. So very cool to see Defib Kills return!


Hey there, please give the game a reload to see if this has now been corrected for you. It may be down to you checking into things during a window of our rollouts taking place.

If this issue remains the same, we will escalate it for you!

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Update... It is live! Wink


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30 Jan


Originally posted by PM_ME_YOUR_NAIL_CLIP

I f**king love podcasts! I’ll listen to them talk about Battlefield for weeks.

Hope they release more. Maybe some behind the scenes shit, I don’t know.

What else would you like to see us talk about in the Podcasts?

28 Jan


Originally posted by ThePhenomenal1999

Keep that Santa shit out.

Don't be alarmed, we often include that sort of thing into playtests for fun and memes. Nothing more nothing less 😉


Hey there, One Loadout per Class, with each Class Loadout being shared between the specialists of that class.

27 Jan

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Slide Into The Week With Some Funny Penguin Memes - I Can Has Cheezburger?





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