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30 May


It’s a New Dawn.

Today we invite you to join us for our latest Development Update where we give you an overview of everything new in Season 5: New Dawn for Battlefield™ 2042*.

Let’s take a look

If you’d like to read along instead, then we also got you covered below.

New Map: Reclaimed

In 2048, war descends upon an abandoned industrial facility slowly being retaken by nature in Czechia with the battle taking place over a secret train route.


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You're a ninja.*

*Disclaimer: Opinion. Not factually proven.


RM68 balance tweaks on their way as part of Season 5.

Stay Tuned for the Update Notes.

29 May

28 May


Probably one of our best keyarts yet, really glad we gave it a refresh!

26 May


Originally posted by ProtoZigi26

Still early?

Still early.

Update Notes are released when an update takes place.


Originally posted by NotJamesTKirk

Well, you could drip feed it to the community, one entry every other hour or so ;) Here's the first one:

> bumped the version number to 5.0.0

Not too bad, ain't it? I expect your reply in 2h.

We'll be reacting to the RM68 feedback.

That's as much as I'll say for Update Notes!

Keep your eyes peeled for when they go live.


Bit early ain't it?

25 May


Originally posted by Great-Ad9090

Are you f**king dumb? Do you know that RAM is like an armored MRAP and can't be on the same category of tanks? Do you have any idea of the game you have already worked on? Why don't you create a separate category for the RAM considered is multirole attitude and not the hardness of the armor....

Are you okay there buddy?

24 May


Originally posted by MistaJelloMan

So I’m curious about this, and not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere.

You say that you’re trying to reduce explosive spam, but give Irish’s APS a nerf. What was the reasoning? Do you feel like you’re reducing spam enough to justify the cooldown? Is it something you’re open to readjusting if it turns out to hurt more than intended?

I believe this is being looked at through the angle of singles and what this change does for me as an individual, rather than what the change means for a group and your Squad.

What about multiple Sentinels at a single moment in time?

The cooldown becomes mitigated to near enough zero cooldown when there are two Sentinel systems in the area for example.

Because in a two-sentinel scenario: One will trigger and counter a projectile and then go through and counter any further projectiles for a few seconds before spinning down and needing to recharge.

When it is recharging, any further projectiles would be detected by that second sentinel - and when that one hits cooldown, the other one would be near enough ready to repeat.

That effect is felt even more when you start to introduce even more Sentinels (or even Jammers) into the area, thus making a no-go zone.

What I am saying here is, and this is just my opinion the presence of a cooldown w...

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