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26 Aug


Originally posted by henchman3

So there’s going to be 6 attack helicopters and 4 Jets on exposure 128 player conquest? Really?

That's correct, yep!

However, I also want to reiterate that these counts will change based upon data that we're seeing and feedback that you're sharing. These counts may not be the same for every map, and they are also defined by the difference between 64 players and 128 players.

We listed Exposure as an example on purpose, this is one of the most air-intensive maps that will exist, and we wanted to gauge early reaction already. Yes - we're already taking in that feedback.

We believe that 64 players will be the most balanced and fairest way to experience these locations, however with 128 players comes an increase in players - that also means an increase in vehicles at times. This is us turning things up to 11 based on the location, theme and experience we want to achieve.

It is now time that we take that into consideration. It will play vastly different - and that's okay. It may take a little while, but we will make changes when necessary.

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Originally posted by markymarkmadude

So are they just not gonna fix the controller aiming anytime soon? 2 updates ago, they destroyed the way aiming feels on controller.

You will find us discussing this in more detail in the coming month, but there will be improvements on their way.

25 Aug


Hello there,

Update 5.3.0 is on its way to launch next week alongside Battlefield 2042: Redux! Take a look below to discover everything new in this game update.

Here is an overview of some of the more important aspects of this update:

  • The in-game Codex - The Lore of Battlefield 2042 now all in one place
  • Conquest-wide Vehicle Count Overhaul for All-Out Warfare maps
  • Vehicle weapon balance and handling improvements
  • Reduced RPG & Recoilless projectile travel speed for Engineers

//The Battlefield Team

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21 Aug


Join the team for another #InsideBattlefield Podcast episode where talk more about what's available for play with the upcoming Battlefield 2042: Redux on August 29.



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17 Aug


Thanks for all your work on sharing the Lore and stories with the Community! Our team loves it, and we really appreciate you :)

15 Aug

11 Aug


Originally posted by IntronD

So the Uwu Weeb Airsoft gun is possible then ?

What in the hell is that! XD


Hello there,

Next week, we will be rolling out a small Quality of Life Update to address some immediate issues that have been brought to our attention following Update 5.2.

It has been a blast witnessing your reactions to Hourglass as you got to grips with new routes to take on our final reworked location.

While we cannot share details with you today, we’d encourage you to keep your eyes peeled on our Social Channels next week for a look towards what is over the horizon.

For now though, keep those Battlefield™ clips coming in!


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Pffft, I've been wanting a Hello Kitty camo since Battlefield 3. Everybody just looks at me weird, though. It's not me, it's them.

10 Aug


Hi @kregora Thanks for letting us know about this!


Would it be possible to get a few more details?




Are you getting an error message?

Date this issue started (is it still happening?)?

Is anything else happening?

Please share any steps you've tried to far to resolve the issue:

If possible, share a Screenshot or Clip...

If on PC, please share a ...

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09 Aug

    EA_Leeuw on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi all,


If you have AT&T as your ISP, please post in this thread: AT&T network - "Unable to load persistence data" - Season 5.


If you do not have AT&T as ISP, please post in this thread: "Unable to load persistence data" - Season 5.


Thank you. 

I will now lock this thread.

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05 Aug


Remind me next week when I’m in the office and I’ll check :-)

04 Aug


Originally posted by YayoProtocal

They’re scared to respond to posts that are factual.

True dat

03 Aug


Sense8 moment.

02 Aug


Details to follow.


Reddit isn't much different from the other platforms you outlined though. Ultimately it's people coming together for (shared) opinions.


This is a temporary connection issue and our team is on it to fix it.


Originally posted by Medical_Trainer_7495

Jackfrags new videos be like:

Battlefield 2042 is BETTER than ever.

Battlefield 2042 is Making me feel alive again.

Battlefield 2042 has never felt this good.

Battlefield 2042 Made me happy the first time in years.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 changed my life .

Its so pathetic clearly EA pays him to give clout to the game.

Nope, that’s all him.

01 Aug


Playing a match may remedy it. If you've already claimed it once, you won't be able to claim it again. Reloading the game may fix that if you're still seeing a claim option.

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