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13 Oct


Originally posted by motherfo

How about mil dots?


12 Oct


Originally posted by GendaIf

I dont know what really qualifies as soldier physics. A frequent thing i noticed happen was when a soldier fell from a ledge or roof onto a floor they would pass through the floor they land on for a brief second making them very hard to shoot, besides that, soldier physics in particular the momentum, ragdoll etc, as well as the health (ttk) and health indicators are all great. Fixes to hit detection/hit reg will make health feel more consistent when those fixes come, but when those things werent an issue those facets of the game seemed really good.

Yes these are the subjects I touch. Following/landing on the ground is something we are working on all the time, so this might as well have been fixed already as it doesn't ring a bell.


Originally posted by Less_Quality2389

I think this is a healing bug where if you got killed while getting a healing over time effect, it resurrect you. Same happened to me when dying next to a medic crate.

Yep it was an interesting bug to fix. Exactly how you describe it; if you die when a health regen is active you will have 0hp for a tick but then before dying the regen kicks in, resulting in the death flow kicking in for a brief moment.


Originally posted by striker890

Cool to see that you developers are still active even though the massive deconstructive feedback here. Since this seems a really direct way to give some feedback I would just like to address one really important point that seems to be the core of all this negativity here.

It's definitely the missing incentive to play objective.

This has a few reasons I belive. First of all the scoreboards are not really tailored to represent the points earned by an individual. If squads are the goal here I would like to see some sort of identity of a squad shown in the scoreboard so it creates some incentive for the squad to play together.

Secondly leaving the point right before its captures or dying won't reward any points. For the time it takes to capture the point reward is way to low, especially time spent getting to a point.

Additionally I feel like vehicles should be able to be spawned at those points to make it faster to traverse the maps.


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Hej, as I mainly work on stuff like soldier physics and health, I have to give you the generic answer that feedback is being collected and looked at accordingly and many changes are still coming.


Quality post. Thanks for doing such a good job at summarizing my replies the last days.

11 Oct


Originally posted by SMK_GAMING_

I'm certain this area will be part of breakthrough. Might not be a capture point but certainly an area with more player traffic compared to conquest

I'm gonna let you guys in on a secret; on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC it is a point in breakthrough ;) and on PS4 and Xbox One it's a HQ!

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Originally posted by OddJob001

If you just install this tracker, we can make that happen.

Download TrackF8RGE.exe here

Never change.


Originally posted by packman627

Can someone explain to me vaulting from jumps and sideways / backwards vaults?

Is vaulting from jumps like grabbing onto a ledge after you jump? And for backwards vaults how does that look?

Exactly, and backwards/sideways vaults are climbing onto low obstacles only when vaulting in those directions.

10 Oct


Originally posted by Call_me_ET

From my experience with the beta, it seemed a bit inconsistent at times, where I'd try to vault over a fence (the same height as fences in previous games) but the game doesn't let me.

Alright, yeah I've seen reports about some assets being too high to vault over when they should clearly be supported. In that case the placement is probably off, so it should be considered as a bug in that case. Good feedback though.


Originally posted by anNPC

So I can’t tell are there vehicles enter and exit animations or not?

Enter animations are drastically shorter now and exit anims are mostly removed. This to keep the player in control instead of having to watch the same animation over and over for too long while basically being a sitting duck.


Originally posted by ZeGermanFox

I don’t see how crouch-running and high vaulting isn’t something they implemented. Easily the best additions to BFV

What do you mean when you say high vaults are missing? They are in the game, we also added vaulting from jumps and sideways/backwards vaults. The system now also supports moving objects.


Originally posted by RahmenN00dles

i still doubt it, it’s obviously a legitimately broken thing that defies the laws of physics, so i’d imagine from a “semi realism” (loosely) aspect they’d want to fix that.. at least i hope lol

That's correct.

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Originally posted by GausBlurSucks

Hey, I'm not sorry if this has already been answered, but will we be getting something akin to community transmissions for this game? The communication between the players and the devs was amazing when it came to SWBF2, but we had none of that with BF5.

I have no doubt that it would be reassuring for many if you could give us an idea of what to expect on that front :)

Briefings would be the equivalent. You'd have to ask the Community team for their plans though. I don't want to sign them up to something or miss inform.

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Originally posted by TheSeanski

Well it is reassuring to know that there are eyes from the team in this sub. Wether or not anything being said will be taken onboard is another thing entirely. Either way I’m interested to see what the game is like is at launch, I’ve had mixed experiences with the beta but I’m overall hopeful. (I’m in agreement with the opinions that the class system should never have left though)

A lot of eyes (hey folks o7). You may not always see the "DICE Replied" flair, but if we could have a "DICE seen" everything would be covered.

Anecdotally, and back from my days in Community I can tell you that everything being discussed, created, watched, streamed and everything in-between is more than likely being tracked. Game companies will know conversation volume, sentiment and all those other buzz words for every part of a game's lifespan.

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Originally posted by IXPrometheusIX

u/F8RGE thoughts on a post like this gaining lots of traction in the subreddit

There's nothing I can realistically say here that won't end up as a headline on a website or used as YouTube clickbait. So not sure what is expected, it's also not really my place. I'm aware that everything I say reflects on my team members, and even if it's just a throw away comment, it can quickly turn into "DICE says..." as if it's some sort of studio mandate.

Yes, I'm a part of the team but that does not mean I should be speaking publicly about anything and everything. Let alone speaking about something related to finance, because it's not my area of expertise at all.

Important thing to note is that this sub has more eyes on it from the game team than perhaps you'd expect. I know for a fact that there are even a few dedicated souls scouring new. So when a post like this appears, or anything that gets even remotely 'hot' (in Reddit terms), it's almost certainly been seen by countless people.

Again, not the answer you're probably looking for, but wanted to...

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09 Oct


Happy to announce that jump spam is already being addressed.