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24 May


Originally posted by DueRepresentative417

Should have put cropped pictures side to side instead of gif. Thanks for the post tho!

(I dont have enough time to check every spek before it changes)

Clicking the GIF should expand it, allowing you to pause it in your preferred area. :)


Hello there!

Today we’re back with a new note from the vehicles team about Quality of Life improvements coming to Battlefield™ 2042 as part of the Season 5 update*. We’ll talk about how we’ve seen vehicle gameplay evolve over the past few Seasons, and which changes we’re making based on that.

Explosives and Vehicle Roles

As a start, we’ve heard your feedback on the current prevalence of explosive weaponry. While explosives have their place on the battlefield, they should be a strategic choice and not the default choice or...

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Originally posted by avidrez

0 kills 0 assists 8 deaths

Sometimes you gotta go hard!


Originally posted by Busy-Pitch-9889

Because that’s what you wear into battle.

If you want to.


Originally posted by Darth-Hipla

Holly shit Dice is the biggest dumpster fire you could imagine.


23 May


Originally posted by Charble675

Now to REALLY show them you just gotta post the season 5 trailer... or even just a teaser? Please?

22 May


Originally posted by Paulexpeditions

This has nothing to do with the S5 map. It's a hint to the starting location of the S4 Easter Egg which was solved a couple hours ago. The "Giants Graveyard" is referring to the map Discarded as the starting location for the EE.

This guy got it.


Originally posted by Winterbliss

They need to bring back helicopters in breakthrough and double the helis/jets in conquest.

Do you not feel that introducing aircraft in that way would exacerbate and compound the feeling of it turning into a killing field even more? It would completely skew Breakthrough and maybe not for the better.


Originally posted by PlanktonGreat2165

What about attack helis? They've been suffering since the start of the game, and not for lack of AA! They have weak movement, weak power and short range on lock on IRs. Wildcat and Tor can take out helis from spawn and yet they're still getting buffs. Meanwhile the attack heli is becoming more and more useless every season. Please do something for us attack heli pilots!

The team had created a Community Feedback topic on Attack Helis last week. TLDR: They're on the radar and being looked at for improvement.


Originally posted by Elecctricc

for the love of god please look at jets, they are so lacklustre and loadout slots 3 and 4 can’t even be changed…….

A month or two ago we had broached this topic with the community through our Community Feedback series. Team have been reading through that and will make changes where necessary!


Originally posted by CazualGinger

Good changes. Glad they're finally happening. Defending on breakthrough should be less painful.

However, the condor might need it's health buffed back to prior levels again. That thing is struggling rn, I don't think I've survived in one for more than 2 minutes recently lol

We're monitoring transport helis closely. If we see it needs further changes then we are able to make them happen.


Originally posted by FreeMeter

All good changes. Props to the team for listening to community feedback!

And we appreciate all of you for continuing to share your thoughts and feedback with us. Going through all the vehicle loadouts was a big undertaking for the team, so we're excited to get it into your hands.


Originally posted by Castortroy16

Will it drop when season 5 comes out ? New player so sorry if a stupid question



Join the Battlefield team for another podcast episode of Inside Battlefield where they discuss how we’re reworking the loadouts for all vehicles in Season 5, alongside further vehicle Quality of Life changes.

Tune in via ...

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