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06 Oct


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The map looks like it's far too small even for 64 players, but hey, people liked metro 64p to statfarm so why not.

24/7, Max Ticket Servers...


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> while Crawford will have a completely new Specialist Trait called Deep Pockets which provides an extra rocket to shoulder-fired launchers.

This is honestly a really great trait and will get me picking Crawford a LOT more often.

The people wanted more rockets for Engineers! Crawford is now your guy capable of doing just that.


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Lol, 3 years and still no mouse and keyboard for consoles

We have no plans to implement Mouse and Keyboard functionality on Console for Battlefield 2042. We've stated this multiple times :)


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Is the new map available in 128 conquest?

Redacted is built with 64-player rotations in mind, however, there is always the option to dial the chaos and gameplay up even further by turning the dial up in Battlefield Portal.


Due to the large amount of changes taking place, we have hit character count on Reddit. Below is the final part of our Update 6.0 notes!

Click here for Part 1:

Gadgets & Specialists

  • Fixed an issue that caused the smoke grenade to allow explosive damage to bleed through walls.
  • ...
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Welcome to Season 6: Dark Creations!

Master the unknown. Grab your squad and embrace your fears in the claustrophobic close-quarters battles of this new Season. Get a full look of everything that’s new below.

//The Battlefield Team

What’s new in Season 6?

Here is an overview of the new content, alongside highlights for changes and improvements:

  • New Map: Redacted
  • New Weapons: G428, L9CZ and VHX D3
  • New Gadgets: Ammo & Medical Pouches
  • ...
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Tom Straatman (Community Manager) is joined by Mikael Karnell (Lead Environment Artist), Gabriel Sanchez (Level Designer) and Joel Zakrisson (Environment Artist) to discuss the gameplay and creation of the Season 6: Dark Creations new map, Redacted.

Listen to Inside Battlefield on Spotify, or YouTube:

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what 5 cups of coffee does to a mfer

Sometimes you gotta go hard


They always go out on Friday folks :-)

Expect them later today.

05 Oct


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Feel free to keep posting behind the scenes pictures and explanations on how content is made because that's fascinating. The whole scanning body bags and making blood text by hand was great.

Modeling in the body bags was the most awkward part. But the pictures came out great!


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Ohhhhhh, man, that is big brain. Damn it.

haha imagine if we also mentioned the


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What a missed opportunity to have the entire post redacted

Ohhhhhh, man, that is big brain. Damn it.


Hello there,

This week, we begin the countdown to Season 6: Dark Creations*, and throughout, you will be hearing about everything that is on its way once the season launches next week on October 10th.

Today, we will be diving further into the creation of Redacted, the upcoming Season 6 map, and bring to light some of the Dark Creations on their way…


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02 Oct


Nope, it’s a fan project but pretty darn fast with picking up info!

    EA_Darko on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @h9po0stzuz4t when posting on AHQ please do so in a polite and constructive manner.

Going to lock this as it is neither and is just a foul-mouthed rant that adds nothing. You can be frustrated and annoyed, that's fine but it also needs to be something beyond just a rant:

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28 Sep


Originally posted by 02Alien

Are you going to continue to maintain this anti cheat after the game stops receiving content or should we expect it to go the way of BFV and be filled with rage hackers and redeploy hackers?

Which are still a thing, FYI. Maybe consider bringing this to the game that needs it the most?

EDIT: The hack in question, from the cheaters perspective. every time they fire the suicide revolver, it redeploys the entire server. Quite literally killing the game and total silence from DICE/EA.

This is a very good question, and while we will be responding to most of them once enough time has taken place for us to collect them I do want to answer this one:

Updates to EA Anticheat are performed outside of the game client. What this means is that no matter the status of a game, support continues in regards to EA Anticheat.

Naturally, I cannot share anything outside of anything we have already discussed above, but the question you have asked is very fair and I will be asking the same. Thanks!


Hello all, As part of our ongoing efforts to create a safe and fair experience for all players we're transitioning Battlefield™ 2042 over to EA anticheat with the launch of Season 6 in October.

When we transition over to EA anticheat you won't notice anything different when logging in and playing, but this transition will enable our teams to be better equipped to find and remove players that don't play fair.

When we say PTF...

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Genuinely love this, keep on enjoying games OP!


Always amazes me that during times where you have a luxury of aim, multiple chances(bullets) there's an essence of fail.

But when it comes to a scenario where you're in short supply and have one or two uses, your usually a lot better.