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08 Oct


Originally posted by YvanduSchmit

How hard was it actually to fix the elevator ? Was it server sided or the elevator was just broke initially ?

Not entirely sure, I'm mostly responsible for the visual upgrades :D
the other stuff is tech design

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Originally posted by LordDaisah

Should also get assists for kills your gunners get.


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Originally posted by Substantial-Bed-3165

Thank you for clearing it up <3 do you also get points for assisted kills or anything else in transport aircraft?

Yes to gaining assists (and the XP that comes with it) while you're transporting people around.

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Originally posted by czek1976

I assume point system will be in the final game. Everything else would make nonsense spotting also needs to be rewarded.

This is improved at launch. You'll get XP if you're piloting a vehicle and a teammate spawns on you. Similar for events such as resupplying ammo, spotting etc.


Originally posted by DJ_Rhoomba

u/kalletheslayer Did you take the inspiration of the large tower building in Orbital from the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building?

How challenging was it to build the building and all it’s accessible floors?

It was a combination of references for that one, from launch sites all over the world :D But yeah making it work was a challenge for sure! It plays very differently depending on mode etc, but hopefully we landed in a good place!


Originally posted by Exa2552

But all of this can be done from the main menu, right? You don't have to be in a round to change your loadouts, skins, attachments, etc. Correct?



Originally posted by CombustionEngine

Hey, I have my problems with the game, but thank you for the communication. I know you're just one person, but I think it helps a lot to see it from the team. Just to know that people aren't just screaming into the void and that through all the low effort posts some stuff is being heard by someone working on the game. Have a good weekend. But maybe don't spend it here lol.

Comments here are being read, even if not many of us reply. It's good to know what people are worried about and this has been a very fruitful conversation as it already sparked some conversations internally. We will be able to change stuff after launch, like we have been in the last games.


Originally posted by Tobikaj

Did you by chance see the bunnyhop video on the battlefield2042 subreddit right now? Grappling hook and then skirt across the map.

Yeah this is not the intended behavior and we are tweaking it further.


Originally posted by needfx

This article shares a similar feeling and basically says what I was trying to say, with better words.

It's a different feel and apparently not what you expected. I hope that you will appreciate it more over time and especially when more tweaks and QoL changes are coming in during launch.

I do hope so. I can see this is different feel and a differrent direction, and maybe in the end this game won't fit my personal taste, which is fine.

Anyway, thanks for your time!

Feel free to post feedback when you play after release. This has been a fruitful conversation and the feedback is appreciated when voiced this respectfully.


Originally posted by gtmustang

Love seeing a continued interaction from you guys/gals. It really humanizes this whole feedback experience.

I had a quick question if you had a moment, will the main game give players the chance to make their old gadget combos? (Rocket+ammo, repair+c4, etc) It seems like that's a bubbling subject at the moment.

Greatly appreciate all the hard work y'all are putting into this game. I cannot imagine what it's like putting years of your life into a project, then to see some of these tasteless comments. Don't forget those mental health breaks!


There will be more possible combinations with future specialists, but I can't go into specifics at this point.


Originally posted by mrbagal

there has been some noise in the community wanting some of the bf v movement back

like crouch sprinting rolling, and so-on, i was wondering if it is software wise possible to add these to the game? i think adding them early after release would be very positive if possible

edit: or for release but i have a feeling that's not very probable

A lot is possible software wise, but we have to make conscious decisions whether features make sense for this game or if it just overly complicated the setup which causes issues. I loved the combat roll and would like to bring it back, but it's not planned right now.


Originally posted by Tobikaj

My main concern is that unless it's downhill (and maybe not even then), sliding shouldn't be faster than running.

We just added logic to pretty much disable impulses when going uphill.


Originally posted by DMunE

That response is awesome news. I understand what we’re playing is an old build, however I couldn’t help but notice the Plus System appears to take place of weapon attachment unlocks and customization before loading in. Is this just in the build we’re playing now? I’ve always loved to customize my weapons and the Plus System in this beta left me desiring for more in that sense.

There will be a whole system for you to explore after launch where you can customize weapon attachments and skins, as well as vehicles and soldier customization. That is all disabled for the beta.


Originally posted by needfx

I should have said "satisfying" or "gratifying" instead of using the term "pleasant". I personally don't think it's clunky, I never had this feeling of being stuck at any point like in some previous Battlefield games. I was rareley, if not never, stopped from moving or from doing what I was trying to do or felt like I was losing the control of my character. Movement technically works fine in BF2042. That being said, I do think many animations make it look clunky. For exemple, the vaulting animation is too fast, not smooth enough, and a little bit over the top, making it kinda hard to "understand". The same applies to others animations which are a little bit jerky. I guess this is also due to the fact BF2042 is trying to be more fast-paced.

In BFV, in terms of mechanics, running around then vaulting a barier and falling on the ground while making a roll was super smooth and satisfying. Those animations also worked pretty well. Running into a building and then jumping through...

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Thanks for the lengthy reply. I'm glad you say that the movement is fine technically. We tried hard to make the features reliable and work together more so it's possible to chain them. It took us a lot of time to make ground movement fluid on rocky terrain on BFV and let the vaults work consistently on all edges. This time around we tried to tackle this early on so we could focus on the features themselves instead of worrying too much about the coverage. I'm happy with the result as I think the features work consistently and you aren't battling with them as much as in our previous game (which resulted in a lot of feedback online).

That being sad I now understand what you meant. As we wanted to make movement more reliable and not something that you have constantly battle with, it became something that is less noticeable. Also on BFV we had a push for the physical feel, as this fit the WW2 setting more, which wasn't so much of a focus this time. This also resulted in the remo...

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Originally posted by space__sloth

Thanks for the response. Overall it's a good experience. I just thought it was kind of funny how the quality of the elevator contrasts with everything else.

me and a few of the designers who worked on the fix/additions were actually riffing on how broken it is/was in the beta. when we where playing the beta last night. It's sad it didn't make it in but we know how neat it will be for launch!