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Originally posted by BattlefieldTankMan

Any response to the questions surrounding C5 and who gets access to it?

The dev update mentions Lis who is in the engineer class gets access to C5.

So do Assault and Engineer class get access to C5, or is Engineer now the only class to get C5?

Kind of important information you could be giving the playerbase that you must know this close to the class rework update...


Originally posted by mbpDeveloper

Any new weapons on the next updates ?

New Vault Weapons.


Originally posted by Pristine-Fox7818

And REALLY NEW content are they going to bring to the AOW? For now it is all Portal content that the only thing they do is "pass it to the main game"

We’re bringing them over from Portal.


Originally posted by llamadramas

All of them? And all at once?

19 Jan


Originally posted by Blazur

Exciting! I was wondering how you'd handle the loadouts, and having a different set for each class solves that problem gracefully. Looking forward to tweaking these on a class basis.

Historically I've enjoyed using claymores, but do wonder how it'll impact the balance when it comes to rooftop campers and rope climbs. Take the middle capture point on renewal, as an example.

Historically, I've... enjoyed... dying by your wonderfully placed claymores :')


Originally posted by navyproudd34

Engineer with lmg is the worst thing about this everything else i like

Feel free to let us know why you feel that way! :)