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17 Jan


I noticed a few comments about hiccups of being able to equip the weapons this morning. We've tested it again and it's working on our side.

Are you still seeing issues?


These changes are coming in the 3.2 Update which also brings the return to the class system. You can expect that update to become available towards the end of January.

As a reminder, here is the article that originally announced the changes:


Originally posted by Datnakedboi69

Is this the update where they bring classes back?

That's coming towards the end of the month.


Originally posted by luckyjayhawk69

Where are classes?

You can expect a more substantial set of changes coming later this month in Update 3.2.0 alongside the reworked Breakaway map, and the return to Classes.

16 Jan


Hey everyone,

It’s been great seeing you enjoying and sharing your Battle of Nordvik event gameplay clips over the holidays - especially for Breakthrough Chaos!

On January 17 at 09:00 UTC we’ll roll out our first Update of the year which resolves several immediate issues, and adds balance changes to weapons and vehicles which you’ve highlighted to us throughout the Holidays.

We’re also expanding the Battlefield™ 1942 Arsenal for Battlefield Portal, as part of this update you’ll be able to use the Mk VI Revolver, Gewehr 43, Gewehr 43 ZF4, M1 Garand Sniper, No 4 and the Sten within Battlefield Portal Experiences.

You can expect a more substantial set of changes coming later this month ...

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15 Jan


Absolutely love these sorts of sessions with friends, great stuff - keep those memories rolling!

13 Jan

12 Jan


Originally posted by HueyCrashTestPilot

I don't know if you'll see this, but my friends and I really enjoyed the 128-player BT. It immediately became our go-to mode and it was honestly a bit sad to log in today and see it gone. I'd love to see it readded to at least the rotational game mode pool if not (ideally) permanently alongside the 64p mode for those that prefer it. The two play so differently that they don't really compete with each other in my opinion.

I know it's a bit divisive on social media, but in-game the lobbies filled up faster than 64p BT on a normal week even with twice the player count so it seems to be quite popular. Although I'm sure you have a better idea of the real popularity.


I saw this, and I am really glad to see that you're enjoying the game with your mates and especially the comments about 128 BT. I cannot promise anything, but we will send the feedback through for them to consider it in the future.

Wanna thank you for taking the time out to share your thoughts, hope you had a fab holiday time!

11 Jan

10 Jan

09 Jan

    EA_Mako on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hey @ugdpy,


First off, thank you for your efforts to help keep the community a friendly and welcoming place.


Taking the time to do what you can in that regard is absolutely appreciated, even if you don't always see the result you'd hoped.


On that particular note, here on AHQ we do not have direct visibility to see the content or context of a report and thus wouldn't be able to speak to why something was handled a certain way. 


There is also not an appeals process regarding reports you've made yourself, though I do see where you're coming from here and we can absolutely pass along the fee...

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