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04 May


Originally posted by Lock3down221

The ACW-R is not listed in the notes which is surprising. It's one of the worst primary weapons of the game and badly needs those attachments and adjustments.

ACW-R shall be included as part of this, we'll get it added to the blog as soon as possible! ☺️

03 May


Originally posted by Hyper_BigBlack

Do the skins include the mastery camo?

At this time we are only planning to adapt universal skins for the Vault Weapons, like the camos in the GIF.


Originally posted by Lock3down221

Appreciate the changes being made but why is it that the ACW-R not listed here? Is this intended or a mistake? It's the worst AR in the game.

It's a mistake and we'll be adding that shortly. ACW-R will be receiving attachments as part of the Assault Rifle rollout.


Originally posted by splatlame

I wish this came with another balance pass to the weapons by reducing their spread overall. Idk if attachments will fix the core problem with the vault weapons - that they feel mechanically different than AOW guns.

We'll give them a balance pass. But first we want to see how it plays out with the new attachments to ensure we don't over adjust.


Originally posted by Tdawg262

This is a very welcomed update, but to be honest, they should've had these options from day 1...

As mentioned in the blog, the Portal weapons were never originally created to be used in All-Out Warfare. So while we agree that it's something we wanted to do earlier, it took a considerable amount of time and effort from the team.

With that said, we're super excited to get this into your hands soon, as we know folks have been looking forward to this!


Hello there,

As we approach the final weeks of Season 4: Eleventh Hour, we thought it would be a good time to discuss several changes and improvements coming to Vault Weapons in Season 5.

Throughout the launch of Battlefield™ 2042, we continued to see feedback from you that you wanted more weapons to play with. As a result, we adapted Battlefield Portal weapons for use in All-Out Warfare and named them Vault Weapons.

Over time, as we continued to assess the arsenal of our Vault Weapons with your feedback, we identified areas of im...

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02 May

01 May


Hello there!

Heads up - the latest Inside Battlefield Podcast episode is now available. Join the team as they discuss changes coming to Vault Weapons during Season 5.

Tune in via ...

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28 Apr



We're keen to dive into this a bit more so that we can investigate this further.

We require a few bits to help us look in the right direction, for example what region are you playing from and around what time of day do you feel you are mostly playing the same maps on repeat?

What playlist had you been playing at that time too, and how long do you feel it was in terms of map count before you felt you were back to playing one you had just played?

27 Apr


You can read more about the what and why for Uniform Soldier Aiming, here:

26 Apr

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