3 months ago - Dana - Direct link

Greetings Exiles!

Please give a warm welcome to @ZahMaiatt our newest team member here on the forums :discopug:

He is a true ally in the fight against pineapple on pizza as he says ‘I simply can’t betray my Latin blood. I hope some can forgive me, but there’s just some stuff you can’t do. There’s no judge tho, go for it!’

He’s a big fan of multiplayer and competitive games.

Conquering the lands of Conan Exiles is not an easy feat so he relies on a lot of H2O.
There will be no battle over the coffee machine this time :muscle:

We are excited to have ZahMaiatt start this new adventure with us. Welcome to the Team!

3 months ago - Sarealac - Direct link

Welcome, @ZahMaiatt!

I hope you enjoy it here, but beware of the abominations :eyes:

3 months ago - Mayra - Direct link

Welcome @ZahMaiatt!

May your journey on our Lands be full of adventures and kind Exiles!

Always a pleasure to fight the dark arts of :pineapple: :pizza: with a new friend beside us. :grin:

3 months ago - ZahMaiatt - Direct link

Greetings everyone and thank you for the welcome! :wave:

It’s a pleasure to arrive at the exiled lands with the companionship of such beautiful human beings.
Although we already have an awesome @Community team I hope to add some flavor to it as well.

Yup, as @Dana already said you can have all the pineapple you want for your pizza, just don’t put it on mine.

@erjoh although it’s not the preferred drink I can say sometimes coffee with a hint of your enemy’s blood is all we need to get us ready for the day!
P.S: We have coffee, we just don’t have our enemies blood… yet. :smirk:

Besides foods and drinks, I have to say gaming has been present for a good chunk of my life professionally and as a hobby, so I hope to assist you the best I can.
I wanted to share a preferred genre, but it’s not like I really have a preferred one. Just send me to a new land with some competitive mechanics and it’s on! (Never skipped a good single-player)

If I had to add anything else, I would add music. What would life be without music? That’s why I write and “produce” some when there’s time.

Alright, I guess that’s it, so I’ll see you guys on the forums and on the savage lands! See you soon :crossed_swords:

3 months ago - Melcom - Direct link

welcome to the darkside

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