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In the first hour, two friends repeately got a UI error in the game after the update, that you can't clear, so you need to close the game and restart, every time. One when moving through a load screen in Graven deep, another when loading into Graven Deep.
Okay, now it's happened 4-5 times when trying to queue for Earthen Root Enclave. Usually to the person who has crown (and is also the tank).

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Thanks for the report! We'll take a look.
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Just wanted to add this happens to me on PC too, when playing with an xbox controller and using the dungeon finder. Every time I queue into a dungeon, I get this same UI error. I cannot even get rid of it on PC because there is no way to get the mouse onto the screen, and the X button does not dismiss the error. I have to alt+f4 every time I queue into a dungeon.

Worth adding I tried disabling every addon, and it did not fix this issue.

Any dungeon? Or are there specific ones you remember seeing the error in after queuing?
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Hi everyone,

As a follow up to this, we have identified the issue and have put up a Support article about it. We'll provide a copy/paste of that article text below.

We are are aware of an issue that causes players to get UI errors while using the Activity Finder after Update 35. You can view a discussion on the forums about this here.

If you encounter this error, you can select dismiss to clear the error. Note: You may have to select dismiss many times to fully clear the error.

To avoid this error, back out of the menu options one at a time, instead of closing the menu UI all at once.

This issue will be resolved in a future update. We recommend keeping an eye on our Dev Tracker or Patch Notes for any updates. You can also receive notifications when this article is updated by logging in to the website and selecting "Notify Me" at the bottom of this page.

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Just to confirm, are you all pressing the button to attempt to close the window a bunch of times? For reference, we were able to finally close it after pressing the button around 20 times, but curious if everyone here is experiencing something different. Thanks for any insight!