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For already at least 3 month i can't play this game, cant even move further then starting screen due to 7-00000004 error, i played this game for years without any troubles, i tried to do connect troubleshooting steps, didnt worked, tried to use router or without it, with no results, opened ports same result, i have dinamic ip but i had it even before, when all was worked fine, any ideas how to solve it? Thank you.

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Hey @MistaJwP

I'm sorry to hear you haven't been able to connect for quite some time. Just for testing purposes, do you have a phone with data you could set up a hotspot for, then connect your computer to the phone data instead of the wifi?

It's not an ideal connection to play off and may not work, but it's just for testing purposes to see if it gives the same error code.

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@MistaJwP So far as I'm aware, that shouldn't cause any issues unless you're trying to connect to a datacenter other than the one for those regions.

Since using a hotspot is out of the question, can you try using a VPN as well? This will have the same potential drawbacks that were outlined for hotspots, but should still serve the same purpose. Make sure you're VPNing into a server from your own region rather than a different one for the purposes of the test, please!

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@MistaJwP Glad to see that helped, if only a little!

As a next step I suggest running a traceroute, then uploading the results to a support ticket at the bottom of this page so that we can perform a more in-depth investigation.

Make sure to let them know what we've already tried in this thread so that they don't suggest any duplicate steps!

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Hello hello @MistaJwP

There are no restrictions on the support website for IPs from certain countries. If chats are closed, click the "Submit My Case" button to submit your case as an email ticket. Let us know once that is done so that we can check the results of your traceroute.

Make sure you run the traceroute command to trace your connection to Ubisoft.com

The full command will be: tracert support.ubisoft.com

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@shuzy4 Hi there and welcome to the forums 😊

You would need to submit the results of the traceroute to our support team by opening a support ticket. Then our colleagues will take a look at it 🙂

You can reach out to the team here.


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