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07 Mar


Thank you, passing this along to the team!


hey hey, if you haven't yet, can you hit up Halo Support and let them know? that way they can track things.


Steam will take a bit longer for the update to show up. Hang tight!


it's coming, hang tight!


online services are offline atm while we prepare for Season 3.

it should hopefully sync up once we bring the game back online. if not, i'd suggest giving it a whirl on a new playthrough.


Originally posted by VegetaGG

Thank you and 343 for all your hard work :)



Scheduled maintenance is on-going.

The game will be back with Season 3!


this is part of the scheduled and announced downtime y'all.

hang tight, the team's working hard. :)


Originally posted by unregisteredanimagus

why not do it overnight?

this isn't basic backend maintenance...this is an all up major game update. it's simply not feasible to do it overnight.


hey hey, please keep an eye on the Halo Support twitter and website for info about downtime and outages. there was also an in-game news article in the carousel. :)

the game will be back once Season 3 is online!

06 Mar


Originally posted by NikkoJT

This stuff about an extra "Premium Battle Pass" on top of the already paid Battle Pass is confusing and I'm sort of uncertain how it's an improvement.

For example, we have things like this:

Once purchased, the Echoes Within Premium Battle Pass is yours to keep and progress at your leisure—it never expires, and you can switch back-and-forth between the incomplete Battle Passes you own whenever you want.

So does this mean the "normal" (still paid!) Battle Pass no longer has the non-expiry feature, that being exclusive to the Premium tier now? Or is this just badly worded? This needs more explanation.

Also, the Store improvements are underwhelming half measures. This time-limited stuff has got to go. Just let us buy anything whenever we want it. Right now I'm not buying anything because the stuff I want never comes up in the store. Do you want my money or not? And the "super bundles" - okay, more value for money, good...

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Hey all - jumping in to clarify the wording for folks. Unfortunately this comes down to having multiple offers available (free, premium, and premium bundle):

  • Battle Pass = refers to the free track and free rewards.
  • Premium Battle Pass = refers to the paid Battle Pass, which never expires, includes the free track, bonus Match XP per match during S3, and now has the Redsteel Splinter coatings.
  • Premium Battle Pass Bundle = refers to the paid Battle Pass, which never expires, includes the free track, bonus Match XP per match during S3, and Redsteel Splinter coatings - plus XP Grants to help you jump ahead in the Battle Pass track.

TL;DR - no changes to previous offers that you're familiar with, just additions with the inclusion of bonus Match XP and the Redsteel Splinter coatings.

03 Mar