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05 Mar


this is what "it" refers to in "were you blinded by its majesty" and i cannot be convinced otherwise.

29 Feb


Welcome 👊


well. this is certainly a choice.

28 Feb


looks awesome, love the laurels!

what's the book above it?


Originally posted by oGxSKiLZz117

Any update on the Brushtread Disruptive issue from last week? Me and it seems everyone else who bought the bundle when it was on sale last week are still yet to actually recieve the coating... despite it having taken the credits and showing the bundle as purchased.

i'm a passenger in that boat too!

will see if there's anything but i do know it is being looked into. if/when i have an update i'll come back


hey /u/Crespo2006, and anyone else who was having this issue, can y'all re-launch your games and check again? this should be resolved now!

27 Feb


Originally posted by foryourboneswewait

I only play multiplayer. I just don't wanna lose ranks and scores and all the gear and such I've unlocked

So I don't even need gamepass to play infinite?


you can install it on either platform and play it without game pass :)


if you mean multiplayer, you don't even need to buy it - the game is fully free to play.

if you mean campaign, that should all carry over no problem as it's tied to your account. :)


Originally posted by Crespo2006

I got it for Mark VII/IV when I did obtain it but the other coatings are locked. When clicking in armory or the store it show all coating but ask for credits instead of unlocking


have you tried rebooting your game? not launching from quick resume and all that. i can't replicate that issues so i'm a bit confused.

if none of that works, please hit up Halo Support with a ticket.


Originally posted by Crespo2006

Doesn't work for me. Every time I tried to get it, the game ask me to get more credits

so you're having issues obtaining it from the Shop in the first place or it's asking you to buy more cR to equip it on other cores?


Originally posted by Crespo2006

Nice! Now 343 can we get more free/cheaper coating.

Also this coating only apply to Mark VII and Mark IV

hmm i was able to apply it to my YOROI earlier, are you unable to apply it to any core?

edit - just checked the rest of my cores and i'm not experiencing an issue. can you try relaunching your game and try again?

21 Feb


Originally posted by Cragscorner

These are coming out at such a rapid clip. I love it. Hype to listen to this later. Does anyone know if this is new art?

Does anyone know if this is new art?

it's Halo Wars 2 concept art!


hey remy, i just dropped this elsewhere but we have a really awesome Halo Book guide that sort of breaks things down in to areas of interest.

20 Feb


Originally posted by Dilpickle6194

I don't think it's referring to the B1 forehead plate, but the baseball cap-style brim positioned underneath the B1 plate. You can see the piece in question in this old concept art, where the baseball cap brim is in black above the visor.

ahh, in that case they are a bit different. thank you for the clarification!


perhaps I'm missing something, but we're talking about this brim piece

, right? if so, that has been in the game since launch!

I know helmet attachments can feel tucked away at times, but I have it as an option when viewing the Mark V [B] helmet and its helmet attachments right now. give it a try and see how it looks!

16 Feb

14 Feb


Originally posted by KINGWHEAT98

This happens with COD and Fortnite so it’s not a player thing.

while some games might force a full re-download, that's not something Halo has historically done so most instances of having to re-install the whole game are usually a function of the install being cancelled.



i am guessing you cancelled the update/installation at some point which is what's causing the full re-download.