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23 Mar

22 Mar


Originally posted by GGDari

What about me not receiving it?

this is being looked into and should be resolved soon, hang tight!


Originally posted by volunteeroranje

/u/misplacedyank - any updates?

hey there,

Burnt Chrome for the Mark VII is the correct Ultimate Reward for this week, there's nothing here for us to fix.


Originally posted by lipscomb88

Roger. Thanks

this should be resolved now :)

21 Mar


Originally posted by Baron_Von_Lucas

I'd trade you mine if I could.

Was looking forward to the Firewall skin actually.

Maybe try submitting a bug report showing you've finished the weekly, but yet to receive the "reward". Any help u/misplacedyank ?

howdy! thanks, Baron!

/u/GGDari, question for you! when did you complete your Challenge Deck?


just dropping by to let you know that the team's aware of this and looking into it!


hey hey!

stopping by to let you know that i checked with the crew and they're currently working on a fix.

hang tight!


hey /u/Informal_Equal_5038, do you happen to know which Hammer variant you were using that wasn't counting?

  • Gravity Hammer
  • Rushdown Hammer
  • Diminisher of Hope

20 Mar