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Jorge! you have been missed and it's good to see you back. 💜

28 Mar

27 Mar


Originally posted by Squiddo11

You could almost say there was norway you’d be matched against him

I love this.


Originally posted by Spartan_exr

Just had a great close BTB escalation game, only 1 kill made the difference! Never matched against any 343 devs, so seeing u/Unyshek in the wild sporting blue flames and all was very fun

GG! I can't believe your team pulled off that comeback - definitely was a nail-biter. Glad we could get a game in together 👊

24 Mar


Originally posted by volunteeroranje

Can you help me with the timeline on that? Bit of a noob with the shop.

should be April 11th!

23 Mar


Originally posted by GGDari

Got it and got the message. Thank you so much for the help.

of course. thanks for flagging the issue. enjoy!


Originally posted by GGDari

What about me not receiving it?

hey /u/GGDari,

coming back to this to let you know that you should now have your Mark VII Burnt Chrome coating in your inventory. please follow up and let me know if you did not receive it!


Originally posted by volunteeroranje

/u/misplacedyank - update on whether it will be available later or in the store as was also leaked?


Facing Firewall is indeed part of a Shop bundle coming on the next outing of Fracture: FIREWALL.


Originally posted by Baron_Von_Lucas

With all due respect, May I request someone goes and double checks the rest of the season's weekly rewards and makes sure they're the correct ones?

While I understand it's not fair for us to expect something not publicly facing, the fact is, the firewall skin WAS.

Honestly It's definitely a feel bad situation being a 2 challenges away from a skin, only for an update to come through changing what I thought I was earning.(To a skin I had already unlocked for other armor cores)

that's totally understandable and valid.

making sure ultimate rewards are correct before the rollover is always a goal but in this instance, looks like some wires got crossed.

we're definitely making note of this and seeing how we can prevent it in the future.